Updated Flashlight by Joe. No ads. No stolen data. Open source. Free. With widgets!

After initially publishing my app, I realized that it was not working for numerous phone models. So I went through and made some fixes to get it to work on those phones.

I also had a lot of people provide feedback and say that they wanted widgets. I added widgets for the home screen and lock screen.

I also updated the icon and button design because I didn’t love my original design. The app now looks like the follow.

Updated the button
Updated the button

The button design was influenced to be more in-line with toggle buttons on some Android phones.

Inspiration for the button design
Inspiration for the button design

I also messed around with some of the language localization and translated the app into 76 languages.

You can download the app at Flashlight by Joe – Google Play

You can find the source code used to make this app at Flashlight by Joe – GitHub

Although this release still has some issues, I am relatively happy with where this app is. I will consider this release to be the final release for the moment and move on to bigger and better things.

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