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I’ve been watching a ton of photography videos.

One that I saw the other day was a two hour forum on contemporary photography at the MoMA from February 2016.

It was just ok. I don’t recommend watching it. It’s long and I’m not sure if there are any takeaways for you. But it’s here if you must.

One of the things that was brought up was the role of photography in the current day.

What is photography.

How should photography be shown in museums.


There was some mention of how technology is ruining or changing photography.

How photography is ephemeral.

How do you display images that might only physically exist in the world for a few seconds, like Snapchat.

How do you make sense of billions and billions of images that get glanced over within seconds and are forgotten about.

I guess I was thinking about the role of photography in the current day.

I’m not really sure what photography will look like.

Or what art will be.

But I do know that at the forefront of all art is technology.

The great artists have always used the best technologies available to them.

I’ve been messing around with my new camera.

And yet, sometimes the best images that you can make are not the ones that you take, but ones that others have taken.

There are a lot of photos out there.

And some really good ones.

By some really good photographers.

Who use really good gear.

After thinking about all of this I think there is a huge role for technology in photography and art.

Specifically I think software and the internet will continue to redefine all aspects of the world.

So what does all of this mean?

It just means my mind was wondering and I decided to take my ideas and bring them to life in the form of a quick project.

I wanted to do something related to images that are available.

I wanted to do something to show the rapid pace of photograph production and viewing.

How photographs are absorbed in gross amounts.

And maybe tie it all together in something relevant.

And possible provide an example of what photography or art can be in the future.

The internet in many ways is the new museum.

You must bring the internet to the museum.

But regardless, the internet provides tons of options for photographs.

I decided to write some software to go through the most popular news articles and parse out their photographs.

From there I overlaid the most popular news images from the most popular news sources on top of each other to create some pretty cool images.

I also parsed out the most popular words from these news articles and associated them with the image.

I created both a website to view the image and words, as well as a twitter bot that automatically creates and posts an image every hour.

So I’m the artist, even though I’m not the photographer. I’m the curator. And I’m also not any of those things. I’m not the artist. I’m not the curator.

And the craziest part is I’m the viewer. I have no idea what these images will look like since I have no idea what the news will be.

I’m excited to see what this thing produces.

And should I comment on these works then I think I will have been involved in all aspects of the art cycle. From creation, to viewing, to critiquing.

So here are some pics.

Introducing hmmworldview
Introducing hmmworldview

They are terrifying.

A dreamlike (or I guess nightmarish) creation.

All of the most popular news that gets shoved down your throat nonstop through the day.

Diversity of these is great
Diversity of these is great

It’s all here in one image.

Like a game of where’s Waldo.

Look deep into the images.

There’s a lot going on.


You’ll see the famous characters and topics of the moment.

I’m actually really happy with the execution of this.

The images came out as gross and disturbing as I was hoping for.

Anotha one
Anotha one

I’m excited to see what these look like going forward.

If you want to check out the website you can do that at the hmmworldview website.

If you want to see a list of previous images check out the twitter with the hmmworldview twitterbot.

And if you want to mess around with the code feel free to grab it from me at the hmmworldview github. It’s free to use for any purpose.

So I definitely don’t know what photography is.

And I never will know what art is.

But maybe this can provide some insight into what those two things can or can’t be going forward.

At the core of everything will always be technology and innovation. And most likely software.

It’s been fun but I need to sleep now.

Hopefully everyone else’s New Year has been as interesting as mine. We’re now a week into it.

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