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The video for the trip is finally done! It took a bunch of meet ups and some expert music production but my buddy Jesse Josef Nanton has made a sweet video once again. The music is great as always. Many many thanks to you for making this happen.

Check out the video below!

Check out Jesse’s other videos here:
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Where to begin… I’ve been home for some time now, been programming full time and even picked up a full time position working. I find myself thinking about my trip often and have been wanting to get back out on the road and do some more traveling. Unfortunately, I don’t forsee any travel in the near future. I’ll be focusing on other dreams, growing up a little, and hoping to make some awesome websites or apps.

While I’m doing that I will often be thinking of this trip. Here is the final itinerary.

Day 1: 25-Jun New York, USA
Day 2: 26-Jun Rome, Italy
Day 3: 27-Jun Rome, Italy and Vatican City
Day 4: 28-Jun Umbria, Italy
Day 5: 29-Jun Siena, Italy
Day 6: 30-Jun Assisi, Italy and Castiglione del Lago, Italy
Day 7: 1-Jul Tuscany, Italy
Day 8: 2-Jul Florence, Italy
Day 9: 3-Jul Cortona, Italy
Day 10: 4-Jul Citta Della Pieve, Italy
Day 11: 5-Jul Genoa, Italy and Monte Carlo, Monaco
Day 12: 6-Jul Nice, France and Marseille, France
Day 13: 7-Jul Montpellier, France and Barcelona, Spain
Day 14: 8-Jul Barcelona, Spain
Day 15: 9-Jul Ibiza, Spain
Day 16: 10-Jul Valencia, Spain
Day 17: 11-Jul Madrid, Spain
Day 18: 12-Jul San Sebastian, Spain
Day 19: 13-Jul Bordeaux, France
Day 20: 14-Jul Versailles and Paris, France
Day 21: 15-Jul Paris, France
Day 22: 16-Jul Lyon, France
Day 23: 17-Jul Geneva and Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
Day 24: 18-Jul Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, and Oberwald, Switzerland
Day 25: 19-Jul Zermatt, Switzerland
Day 26: 20-Jul Milan, Italy
Day 27: 21-Jul Venice, Italy
Day 28: 22-Jul Innsbruck, Austria
Day 29: 23-Jul Salzburg, Austria and Munich, Germany
Day 30: 24-Jul Brussels, Belgium
Day 31: 25-Jul Amsterdam, Netherlands
Day 32: 26-Jul Hamburg, Germany
Day 33: 27-Jul Copenhagen, Denmark
Day 34: 28-Jul Gothenburg, Sweden
Day 35: 29-Jul Stockholm, Sweden
Day 36: 30-Jul Oslo, Norway
Day 37: 31-Jul Drive to Preikestolen, Norway
Day 38: 1-Aug Preikestolen, Norway
Day 39: 2-Aug Bremen, Germany
Day 40: 3-Aug Berlin, Germany
Day 41: 4-Aug Nuremberg, Germany
Day 42: 5-Aug Zurich, Switzerland and Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Day 43: 6-Aug Lake Como, Italy
Day 44: 7-Aug Home

44 days.

14 countries.

12,000 miles of driving.

The whole trip
The whole trip

There are a lot of great memories from the trip. I got to see a small portion of this beautiful world that we live in. Everyone I met was suberb. The people I traveled with made the trip incredible. My darling made it the absolute best.

When I think of this trip there really were 3 parts of the trip. The first was in Italy with my girlfriend’s family. We stayed in a villa and took day trips around the Italian countryside.

First part of the trip
First part of the trip

The second was with my love, traveling to France, Spain, and Switzerland. We went to all of the best spots and ate and drank to our hearts content.

Second part of the trip
Second part of the trip

The third part was just myself traveling, sleeping in the car every other night, driving more miles than any part of the trip. Each of those three parts of the trip were different. Different emotions. Different costs. Different freedoms, challenges, experiences, and sights.

Third part of the trip
Third part of the trip

I loved all three parts of the trip and I would not have done it differently. I saw a lot of things. I missed a lot of things. I loved it all. I went. I saw. I conquered. I grew up. I achieved my dream of seeing (Western) Europe and traveling extensively for the first time in my life. My schedule may be tight once again but I will be back on the road at some point.

I would be happy to answer any questions that anyone might have. Generally people ask about how much it cost, so here’s a detailed breakdown. A lot of this had to be pieced together from bank statements, emails, and memories, so it is far from accurate. I’m pretty sure I overestimated somethings. I paid less for some things and I paid more for some things. Staying on a villa in a spare bed was of no cost, but paying for nice hotels for my lady sure did (smiley emoji). But she’s the best and I have to spoil her at least a little. By myself, I slept every other night in the car to save some bucks and build character.

This was my trip. You could easily spend much less or much more money and still have a great time or a terrible time. Money doesn’t ensure a great time. For example, just going to Ibiza for one day cost almost $1000 because we had to fly there and back, get a hotel, eat, pay for tickets to see the homeboy Nas in concert, etc. It is one of many examples of how you could spend a lot less or a lot more on this or any other trip.

Rough estimations of the Europe trip
Rough estimations of the Europe trip

The total price really reflects paying for myself but I also paid for my darling as much as possible, although sometimes she refuses to let me. Also keep in mind that this trip was 44 days. You could increase or decrease that length. I’ve been wanted to travel to Europe for many many years and I didn’t have any reason to hold back. I knew someday I would be back working and unable to get any serious time off (already that happened lol) and probably not be able to do something like this for a couple years, if I ever get the chance. It was truly a dream trip of a lifetime and I loved it tremendously.

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