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India part 2: Varanasi, Agra, Delhi

Tue 04 Sept


They say this isn’t the easiest of cities to visit.

Usually you should save it for later on in your visit to india.

It’s one of the oldest cities in the world.

Extremely spiritual.

My introduction to the ganges.

A spiritual river that is supposed to wash away all of your sins.

The pollution keeps no pilgrims away.

Full of cremated and half-cremated bodies.

They are burned here riverside daily.

In numbers so large it’s taxing the local hardwood population.

Pictures of this stuff is pretty much off limits.

It’s not necessarily something I’m here to document or take pictures of.

This is more so about a way of life.

A way that life has been.

Today is an important day for a lot of people.

I mostly want to be invisible.

Let the people do what they are here for.

I’ll be tentatively at a distance.

India isn’t exactly the easiest place to visit.

The cultural shock can be enough even in the places that I already visited like mumbai, udaipur, and jaipur.

This is supposed to be more than that.

Give me death.

Give me life.

Hold me under.

Cleans me of my sins.

I don’t really know what just happened.

I was just taken out on a docked boat on the ganges.

There was some sort of fire and song ceremony.

I happened to walk out of my hotel and the manager showed me what was the ganga aarti.

Just pure luck.

Going with the flow.

The taxi from the airport was a hassle.

I had to walk the last mile because of some sort of road closure.

I’m like the tallest person here.

Apparently I have jacked arms too.

Some kid asked if I go to the gym.

I get to my hotel and I don’t think it has air conditioning.

Summer in india.

I think it’s 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity.

Apparently it feels like 98 degrees.

The outside of the hotel has cages.

Apparently to keep the monkeys out who run around the rooftops causing mischief.

I book a flight and a hotel for the next day.

Varanasi is a lot.

Taj mahal is up next for tomorrow.

I haven’t eaten.

I’m dehydrated.

Sleep has been more a combination of naps at random hours.

All of those trivialities are gone.

That ceremony was dope.

You can throw these in the ganges
You can throw these in the ganges

Just me and a whole bunch of other people, on the banks, and on these boats.

On the river
On the river

But it’s mostly just me.

I close my eyes to meditate.

Palms open.

More of a meditation thing I picked up from yoga.

Certainly not hindu.

But all of that is ok.

Feelin like picasso
Feelin like picasso

The boat rocks back and forth slightly from people getting on or off.

The entire world is kind of surrounding me.

Lots of people here for the ceremony
Lots of people here for the ceremony

I guess in some ways this is always the case.

But for everything that is here, I am.

It’s as if all of it is kind of there and gone at the same time.

Very cool
Very cool

The ceremony ends and I get off the boat.

Minimize it in case it's too overwhelming
Minimize it in case it’s too overwhelming

This entire trip out here to varanasi has been worth it.

I no longer care about the stuff and the worries.

There is a calming peace.

Throw it, throw it, throw it
Throw it, throw it, throw it

I didn’t come here for my own spirituality.

I’m here more so to be around it and get a feel for what it means to other people.

But that was just rather nice.

I swing back to my hotel to drop off a couple bottles of water.

I was going to go for a stroll but I was talking with the hotel manager.

He was answering questions I had.

He put me in touch with my boy mukesh.

And from there the rest of the night was a wild venture around the city.

I have a single picture from this entire time.

The only quiet alley in varanasi
The only quiet alley in varanasi

It starts with me and mukesh sitting on the back of his friend’s motorbike.

We’re off to see some cremations.

Varanasi is a town of tiny, busy, colorful alleyways.

We fly down them.

I always thought these bikes with a handful of people on them seemed like an uncomfortable ride.

But it’s actually rather pleasant.

I would hate to be the driver.

With all of that weight on these narrow alleyways there’s not much room for error.

There’s about enough room for two bikes to squeeze past each other.

Throw in a bunch of people and animals, some rather large cows, and it’s not the easiest place to maneuver.

After winding and winding through a sea of sound and color, we get to our first place.

It’s a smaller fire compared to the one we will go to later.

Some guy wants a hundred rupees from me to see.

This upsets mukesh.

He says it’s bad karma.

I don’t mind, but mukesh isn’t happy.

We get to the area and it’s a pretty somber affair.

Or maybe not so somber.

Just a process.

There are three pyres burning at various levels.

One seems like it’s close to the end.

Another seems like it has just begun.

The cloth wrapped outline of a body is discernible.

Mukesh explains everything to me.

How there’s different versions depending on your societal importance.

When the families come for this they spend a week going through the process.

Getting the wood.

Preparing the body.

Burning it to ash.

Then throwing the ashes into the ganges which is a couple feet away.

That’s supposed to release you to nirvana.

After it’s over the family has a two-day celebration.

Certain beings don’t get cremated.

Pregnant women, children, animals, the holy babas, people who committed suicide, and I think maybe the most important people in society (I could be misremembering on the last one).

I’m pretty sure they get taken out on the river and have stones tied to them and they descend downwards that way.

There’s surprisingly not much emotion for me here.

More so thinking.

Taking it in.

Today has hit on a lot of experiences and emotions.

And this just seems natural.

It’s a bit mechanical, like a lot of human processes are out here.

But it’s also kind of more like you have a campfire going with people you’re close to.

It’s probably been a long week for people.

This is just how things are.

We walk out of there.

Mukesh still has issue with the guy charging me money.

Things seem to escalate a bit.

I’m kind of saying it’s ok and we can just head out.

Mukesh insists on the conversation.

I’m not exactly looking to get into a fight.

It would seem rather inappropriate given the area.

And I also assume it would be me against a hundred people.

Thankfully all ends well.

Mukesh tells me again it was wrong.

And that he’s a crazy boy.

Before long it’s behind us.

The winding alleyways cleanse him of the memory.

This time on foot.

Throughout the journey he stops to point something out.

Some religious statue or temple that he has a quick prayer at.

He seems to be pretty well known in town.

Saying hi to a bunch of people that we pass.

We run into his mom.

We say hi.

I tell her she has a crazy boy.

We swing into a family run silk shop.

They have some nice things but I’m not interested in buying nice things.

Eventually we make our way out to the bigger cremation area.

It’s hot up here.

There are six hot pyres burning.

The smell is almost non-existent.

Just a bit of smoke.

This area handles both important people and lower class people who don’t have any family to send them off.

Today they are burning in the same higher up area because the ganges is higher than normal.

I follow another guide who explains all of this. He takes me past several prepared bodies which are lying on the ground, waiting their turn for their final release.

He shows me the guys who are tending to the shiva fire. It’s a fire that has been continuously lit for 3000 years that all cremations start with.

In this entire area there are no women. “It’s because women are too emotional, you know?”

Actually, I don’t know.

Emotions are what makes us human beings.

For as mechanical as we are, especially out this way, we are not machines.

We are human beings.

Not human machines.

To be is to emote.

For both men and for women.

Otherwise we are just human matter.

And at that point no different from any other inanimate material.

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to convince an entire country to change their stance on the issue, so I don’t say anything.

We have trouble emoting in the usa.

And in countries that are more emotionally advanced than our own.

I give a donation of a couple rupees for the wood.

It’s supposed to go for the people who can’t afford it.

In india (and pretty much everywhere) people look at you as a source of income, or a source of some other need or want.

What can I get from this person?

What can I take?

We have lost genuine interaction.

Gone is community.

Gone is interaction without a motive.

Gone are all of our beautiful emotions.

Replaced with a life that lacks passion.

And depth.

And if I was preaching I would say purpose.

But I’m just out here trying to observe.

To understand.

To learn.

To grow.

To reverse the tides of the way the world has chosen to go.

If I can’t save the world, maybe I can still save myself.

Holding your hand out to me is fine.

It’s expected.

I owe my dues.

But to operate amongst these interactions holds us back from greater experiences.

Mukesh and I head back to the hotel.

He tries to bring me back to the fabric place.

We don’t go.

I give him money for showing me around.

He’s happy.

But he asks for me.

Can I just have a little more?

Crazy bois
Crazy bois

I understand I’m in a tourist area.

Doing tourist things.

For now, and probably forever, I’ll have to settle for interactions that always will have a motive behind them.

Maybe I’m being a bit gloomy.

Maybe I’m emoting too much.

I loved varanasi.

It was a whirlwind that exceeded whatever I thought it was going to be.

The pictures are sparse because this location took a hold of me.

As much as I love taking pictures, this was something more.

I just wanted to be.

A human being.

Wed 05 Sept


I went to go see the taj mahal.

Almost had the indian flag
Almost had the indian flag

It’s one of those iconic places.

If you have to see it, then I’d recommend seeing it.

It looks like it's moving
It looks like it’s moving

But if it’s something you think is a waste to see then I wouldn’t recommend it.

I’m not sure how many pictures of it I’ve seen up to this point.

Thousands probably?

The size of it is kind of what I expected.

Yea, we made it
Yea, we made it

Both larger and smaller than the mental model that I have built over time. Part of this is because of the optical illusion of its architecture.

I know it is detailed and used the best materials available at the time, but in person it feels a bit flat.

Doing this nonsense
Doing this nonsense

It is most beautiful on a larger scale.

There have been times in my life where I’ve probably had more of an appreciation for it.

But I think something maybe about seeing so many pictures before experiencing it kind of took away from its beauty.

Some detail no doubt
Some detail no doubt

It’s a beautiful building.

And for me it was and is worth making the journey to see.

Maybe it was just my desire to take more detailed up close pictures and those elements weren’t as present as I thought they might be.

Yea ok
Yea ok

The taj has changed a bit over time.

People have stolen things.

It’s fallen a bit into and out of disrepair.

It’s been restored.

The british replaced the origin gardens with their own style, which is still present today.


Environmental issues have led to acid rain yellowing the white walls.

There have been concerns during recent wars of someone bombing it.

The inner tomb is cracked and there are concerns of it collapsing soon due to receding water levels.

It’s still hanging in there for the moment.

Dos parrots in this picture
Dos parrots in this picture

The taj was built by a moghul emperor as a resting place for him and his favorite wife.

He was obsessed with symmetry.

And the taj certainly is an example of that.

Seflies at the taj
Seflies at the taj

The taj was built out of love for a dead wife.

The emperor’s cenotaph is besides his wife.

But I think the least loving thing about the entire thing is the breaking of symmetry in the size of his cenotaph.


His is bigger.

His has a taller base.

His is an extremely large statement of how he is more important.

He is better.

Why so many pictures of doors?
Why so many pictures of doors?

And not even love will prevent that declaration.

For me that is not love.

If you love someone it should be equal.

Build them the same size and height.

Or better yet, build your lover’s resting place slightly bigger and slightly higher.

Mosque at the taj
Mosque at the taj

It’s like you knew it would be this way.

You have to be a maniacal person to build this thing.

You have to think you’re better than everyone.

Even the person you love the most.


But really you don’t have to.

You can be great but still be humble.

You can be insane but still love someone equally, or give everything you can to them.

You don’t always have to have the tragedy destroy your entire work in the end.


Thu 06 Sep


It’s been six flights in six days.

Definitely a beautiful grind.

But a grind.

Taxi or tuktuk (you would think it’s a rickshaw, but the majority of people selling them here say sir! Sir please tuktuk!) to the airport. Flight. Hang out. Sleep. Then taxi or tuktuk to the airport. Repeat.

I need some time to relax.

I’m very tempted to go to leh.

It’s a town that would allow me to see the himalayas.

I have just enough time.

I’m about fifty-fifty on it.

What better way to end the trip then to check out that beautiful range.

But it’s wayyy up.

11,483 ft.

You need a day just to acclimate to that height.

Laying around doing nothing but breathing.

I know my body at altitude.

Even getting out at denver airport at 5400 you can feel a difference in breath.

10k is way up.

I’m going to have issues there.

I’ve been grinding.

I have a bit of a headache as is.

In the end I opt out because I think it wouldn’t have been a good decision to push it.

I’ve been using my heart to guide me lately.

But on this one I have to defer to my brain.

Eleven and a half is just way too high for me for only two days.

As tempting as that beautiful range is I have to pass.

I’ve been eyeing up goa all trip.

It’s been raining there every day.

Kerala is under water. Hundreds are dead there from the floods.

In the end I opt to just chill out in delhi.

Rest a bit.

Relax a bit.

Even amongst the chaos.

Take some time to sightsee but also do a bit more of the everyday life.

For me that’s swinging into an art museum.

The national gallery of modern art.

This isn’t my first experience with an art gallery here.

There was one at the exit of the fort in jaipur.

I assumed it would be a tourist trap.

But a sign saying contemporary art museum lured me in.

That was a great little spot.

Unfortunately no pictures allowed.

There were some pieces I would have loved to show.

I spoke with one of the guys working there.

About art.

And life.

We agree the art is too traditional.

That’s slowly changing.

There were examples of it there.

Even a slightly provactive piece or two.

A nipple here or there.

India is very sexually repressed country.

I mean the states are as well.

But this is another level.

People in nyc throw down behind closed blinds.

India, not so much

Which is sad.

Because they pretty much taught the world how to make love.

The kama sutra came from here.

Thousands of years have passed.

Things have changed.

We used to love each other.

Now we’re scared.

Hiding behind all of whatever it is that has happened.

Art has the ability to change a lot of important things here.

Not just tackling sexual repression. But rape. Politics. Post contemporary.

I understand the time and money should be spent on the essentials.







This is a very long list.

But a pinch of efforts should be spent on art.

And it is.

Things will take time here.

Things will take time back in the states.

Slowly we are all moving forward in a world where things feel like they’re moving backward.

But they’re not.

We can’t.

There’s too much inertia behind it.

But back to delhi.

Like in jaipur there’s no cameras allowed.

You are allowed to take pictures on your phone though here.

It’s a frustrating deal.

I really wish I could have taken better pictures here.

Checking out some art
Checking out some art

But you get what a pretty bad phone is capable of taking.

It’s supposed to be a 5mb camera but it’s making jpegs at 1-2 mbs.


I did my best to get some reason pictures.

Killin it
Killin it

While I’m in the museum it decides to downpour.

It’s monsoon season everywhere.

I must have lucked out because I avoided rain almost everywhere I went.

A wicked lighting and rain storm proceeds.

I’m able to grab a tuktuk back to the hotel, where I end up chilling for the night.

Down pour
Down pour

The food at the hotel ends up being great.

Chicken in a tomato and yogurt sauce.


All is well.

Fri 07 Sep

I decide to post up in delhi for another night.

I spend the time getting some sleep and relaxing.

At least until I decide to hit the street in karol bagh.

There’s a wild market here.

A river of people
A river of people

Everything is for sale.

Knock off nikes for $3 usd.

Everything you could imagine.

I go out in search of some street food.

I spend two hours strolling around and eating.

Chicken momos.

Vegetable kabab.

Pani puri.

Egg rolls.

Chicken fried rice.

I think food travel coverage, and food coverage in general is a bit overdone these days.

So I won’t document it much here.

There’s a mess of different cuisines available.

And they’re all delicious.

Never realized my company made energy drinks
Never realized my company made energy drinks

Sat 08 Sep

Another day in delhi.

The chill and relaxation and getting ready for heading back to the city is in full force.

I swing out to the red fort.

It’s one of the places to see out this way.

It provides for some much needed picture opportunities.

At the red fort
At the red fort

In all of my chilling I mostly put the camera down.

Sometimes you just need to relax.


Sometimes your heart just wants to lay down.

Or be in the moment.

But now is a chance to go through and get some final snaps of the trip.


It’s a cool place to check out.

And like everything in india it’s a bit under construction.

I take what I assume will be my final pictures of the trip with random strangers.

This time with someone’s brother and wife and baby child.

I’m mostly conflicted with these pictures.

Oh look a white boy, let’s get a picture with him.

But if it makes someone happy then I’m all for it.

They’ll probably realize in a decade or two or three how ludicrous it all was.

Until then if it brings someone a pinch of happiness then I’m about it.

I will be your exotic attraction.

It’s weird how skin color works sometimes.

Love the colors on some of these outfits
Love the colors on some of these outfits

Like we’re the same people.

But everywhere people see color.

I understand the importance of it.

But I’m still allowed to think it’s all stupid.

There’s a lot of stray dogs here.

There’s a lot of pet dogs back home.

But never do you look at a dog and think oh that’s a black one.

Oh that’s a white dog.

Oh that dog is brown.

And then have some kind of reaction to it.

It’s just a dog.

We haven’t been conditioned to think there’s any difference in the skin (or fur) color of a dog.

And yes, I get it.

Various people have weaponized skin color for their personal gains.

I’m not denying any of that.

It’s obviously a very powerful tool to use to get things that you want.

I’m just saying it’s stupid.

And maybe at this point we as a people can start rejecting the devices that the higher ups are using to control us.

Instead of fighting amongst each other like idiots.

I’ll be out here doing my thing regardless.

Yea ok
Yea ok

I’ll be here looking to grow and explore and learn and experience this world.

Pigeons rule the world
Pigeons rule the world

It’s interesting to see how much things have changed over the years.

And how they’ve remained the same.

This stuff
This stuff

Progress is ebbing and flowing.

At times we reach our pinnacles and potentials.

Carrying on
Carrying on

At times we go backwards and lose everything that we have learned and fought to achieve.

Fly away, fly away
Fly away, fly away

The current time is one somewhere between being more advanced than we ever have been, and having completely lost our way.

Falling into disrepair
Falling into disrepair

I guess this is how it always has been.

And how it always will be.

Come on
Come on

We’re making steps forward.

And we’re making steps backward.

Lots of animals all over
Lots of animals all over

I’ve always been willing to bet on humanity.


I’m still willing to take that bet.


On the way out of the fort I swing over to chandni chowk.

It’s another market are with winding alleys with all sorts of stuff and food for sale.

This was a wide alley in chandni chowk
This was a wide alley in chandni chowk

I make my way back to the hotel were the tuktuk driver tries to rip me off.

I had planned to give him some extra money and I do anyway, but not the 5x price he asked for when we got to the destination.

Sun 09 Sep

I’m going home.

Delhi has been fun.

As has the rest of india.

It was fast.

It was a whirlwind.

Sound and color.




Ancient intertwined with new.

India has been a top five destination for me.

It was great to find a pinch of time to squeeze out here.

It will be nice to head home to a place that doesn’t have some of the things that I disliked here.

But I think those things that I disliked will be things that I look back on and miss.

It’s mostly been a pleasurable time.

Even those people who’ve tried to rip me off, or push their product onto me.

When a company does it, it’s fine.

When an individual does it, we take issue with it.

I can’t fault anyone for trying to make a better life for themselves.

Or to make money for food.

We all have to survive.

India is in a great position to go beyond surviving.

It is a great country.

It will be one of the best in the history of the world.

It’s probably not the place to visit for everyone.

And that’s ok.

Not everyone has the desire to experience everything that the world has to offer.

It’s ok to be boring.

Just don’t be miserable.



And hopefully explore.

And grow.




Love yourself.

Tell yourself that you love yourself.

Then go and tell someone else that you love them too.

We’re all on this ride together.


Later yall
Later yall
This is why we play the game

India part 1: Mumbai, Udaipur, Jaipur

Fri 31 Aug

Happiness – walking to your gate with your boarding pass in hand, especially the day after you were turned away for not having your visa cleared.

I’m going to india.

It’s been a top 5 destination for me for a long while now.

Growing up in New Jersey, spending time in engineering school, working with software. I feel like I’m part indian at this point. Specifically, I think my indian hometown is somewhere in gujarat.

I won’t be going there this trip. I’m not completely certain where I’ll end up. Flying into mumbai and out of delhi. Expect the golden triangle, varanasi, and we’ll see what else fits into the short schedule.

What am I looking to do? Just kind of check it out. The taj mahal of course. Food. Colors and textures. Photography. A depth of experience. Appreciating someone else’s spirituality. India is probably going to drown me. Take me and hold me under.

Give me your best. And give me your worst.

This trip once again is packed into a 22-liter pack. As small and as lightweight as I’m comfortable going. Everything I need for a week and half in a place halfway around the world.

I mostly only need myself. But some extra clothes are nice to have. Photography equipment is a necessity. But that’s light as well. I’m leaving behind my zoom lens. And I picked up a lighter tripod that I’m excited to try out.

While I’m not interested in shooting video and adding to the large number of vlogs out there, I did find those useful in preparing for the trip. Over the course of a few short days they replaced the art and photography videos that I’ve been absorbed in.

I’m ready for the chaos. The absurdity. A full grip of new norms. Feeling both smaller and bigger than I ever have before. Complete immersion and growth and destruction of my entire being.

Happiness – me strolling around with a camera.

Give me all of the emotions. Give me all of the experience. Take me and hold me under, india. I’m glad I finally have the chance to meet you and hold you close. Dance with you. Flow with you. Make love to you. Give and take. Do with me as you will chokri.

Sat 01 Sep


Mumbai I made it
Mumbai I made it

My favorite purchase was an omelet pav. Two eggs, a bunch of chopped vegetables, spices, served on two rolls, and which cost about fifty cents.

I don’t think the traffic here is all that crazy. On the uber back from the hotel to the airport the car got hit on both side mirrors, but that’s just how it is.

I’ve learned to tune out the honking.

Crossing the street is kind of like crossing the street in new york. Just go when there’s no vehicles. And if there are vehicles and you’re quick enough then go for it.

New tripod putting in work
New tripod putting in work

Rules are more of a recommendation here.

I don’t really see mumbai as a dirty city. The visible poverty is what you might find elsewhere.

Sloppy with the focus
Sloppy with the focus

There are places that sell craft beer. It turns out the india pale ales are pretty good here.

One of the differences between having one at home and having one here is the presence of a more serious looking gatekeeper. Not one to manhandle the obnoxious late-night bro, but one to make sure poor people don’t come in.

There’s not all that many white people here. The tourists that I saw were mostly indian.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station

People do come up to you if your white and ask to take a selfie with you. I just smile and give a thumbs up. The people that I talked with were very nice.

Anotha one
Anotha one

You can find a mcdonalds here if you look. But most of the businesses are a beautiful mess of tiny shops. People don’t pressure you much to buy things.

Approaching midnight
Approaching midnight

They say you either love india or you hate it. I can understand the cultural shock some people might have, but I’m easily in the group of people who love this place.

Now that I’m a day into the trip I need to slow down. I notice even in my pictures that there is a sloppiness from moving too fast. Not having the right settings. Sloppy composition. Pretty much a lack of what I’m looking to capture.

No tripod needed
No tripod needed

That all comes from just not being as in the present moment as I should be. Hopefully I can make that change heading forward. It’s great to flow, but there should be an intention about it.


I also need to eat more of the delicious food.

Has potential
Has potential

Sun 02 Sep


Part of my room in udaipur
Part of my room in udaipur



A whirlwind.

Views from city palace
Views from city palace

Light pastel yellows.

Lots of black and white so far
Lots of black and white so far


Udaipur is pretty chill
Udaipur is pretty chill

Bridges that remind me of my old home.

I love being able to walk over a lake from one place to another.

City palace.

I don't get it
I don’t get it

A place that allows for some redemption with camera.

The trip is definitely underway now.

That 1x1 gram format
That 1×1 gram format

The large cityscape of mumbai contrasted with the relaxation of udaipur.

Super hot fire boi
Super hot fire boi

I remember there was what looked like a funeral processing in the streets on the way in.

One of the few ways to get the honking to stop.

My body is a mix of not knowing when to sleep or when to eat.

Everything is going swimmingly though.

Sexy af
Sexy af

The road is always a loving companion.

I like the space this piece takes up
I like the space this piece takes up

It will be interesting to see how india changes over the years.

Lazy tourist town
Lazy tourist town

There’s probably a lot of changes that will be made, or at least will be suggested.

Tradition versus growth.

No different than the decisions we must make with our own selves.

Some guy trying to sell me stuff told me he was showing his work at the moma next week.

I wonder if it will be exhibited next to my work.

Do you want it spicy?

Yes, fucking spicy. One of the reasons I came this far was so that my mouth could be on fire. And my insides. I want to eat food so spicy my soul starts crying out of shock and pain.

Even here I get white boy spice.

I can’t be mad.

So wavy
So wavy

I can only think back to thailand when tears were streaming down my face and I was sweating because of the heat of the ingredients.

I’m not here for chicken tikka masala.

Kill me with spicy. Destroy me with spicy. Turn me into a fire breathing dragon of spice.

The amount of sirrr pleaaases is at an all-time high.

Damn I love this place.

Mon 03 Sept

A fast paced tuk-tuk gets me to the airport quickly.

Now let me take a selfie
Now let me take a selfie

I get ripped off another hundred rupees.

I wanted to use an uber but they kept canceling and I have places to get to.


Apni to Jaise Taise by Kishore Kumar plays over the speakers at some point.

You can hear this fire song throughout the following video.

It’s raining when I get here.

The environment is different here than back home.

But I’m excited to see what I find.

I didn’t see anyone using an umbrella. I might follow along, although I’ll probably need it for the camera.

It’s refreshing to see people not scared of water.

Just get a little wet.

Everything will be ok.

I got to my hotel before check in and I had some breakfast while I was waiting.

There’s this one side dish that I asked what the name was. Apparently it was pickles? An incredible unique flavor that I would love on top of a gravy or stew. Salty. A blast of umami. Masala. They say it’s spicy, but not really. Just an amazing little condiment that I would love to have on a whole bunch of dishes back home.

Oh and fresh dosa.

And also omelets are great. They’ve been perfectly cooked everywhere.

The egg is one of those classic ingredients that cultures can overlap on.

I get to feel like I’m at home. Or in france. But really I’m in india. What’s really the difference sometimes?

Jaipur is busy place.

I take a couple tuk-tuk rides around when I can’t get an uber. The riding around gives me a good feel for the place.

I make my way out to amer fort to check out the sights.

Easy to catch pidgeottos out here
Easy to catch pidgeottos out here

The place is enormous.

Amer fort, love the emerald green water
Amer fort, love the emerald green water

There is a palace and a huge fort with walls that seem to stretch forever.

Bear with me
Bear with me

Such an immense amount of work went into building this thing and it’s completely unused for its original purpose.

Lots of beautiful stuff in india
Lots of beautiful stuff in india

As is the case with these sorts of things.

Doora the explora
Doora the explora

Humans build a lot of unnecessary stuff.

Mirror mosaics on fire
Mirror mosaics on fire

It eventually crumbles and goes away.


I’ve been getting into a rhythm with the travel and the camera that I’m pretty happy with.

Reflection game is back
Reflection game is back

Some of the shots are coming out a lot better than when I started in mumbai.

Composing three images in one
Composing three images in one

I just want to keep it going.

The shots are not intended to be a representation of what I saw or did.

Just hopefully capturing something interesting like I try to do when I shoot back home.

Had to do it
Had to do it

There’s a lot of traps that I could have fallen into here taking pictures and I’ve been pretty happy to have avoided them as best as I could.

I could do that
I could do that

It’s been a whirlwind so far.

So much framing
So much framing

I can sleep when I get back to the rather boring life in nyc.

Reminds me of van gogh's sunflowers
Reminds me of van gogh’s sunflowers

But until then I’ll be balancing everything that’s being thrown at me, having the best time, and pushing life to its limits.

This is why we play the game
This is why we play the game

La la la.

Lots to explore
Lots to explore

Get it.

Yay found some monkeys
Yay found some monkeys

Insert cheesy life cliches and overgeneralizations about a massively large country and a complex world.

But mostly I just really love this place and I’m excited to see what’s up next.